The Reptilian

Hooded Reptile alient character with attached hood. Is he an Alien, a prehistoric monster, no he is Reptilian the Lord and master of the lost Island city of Pacifica! Pacifica the Sunken Island blown to bits by Nuclear bomb tests and radioactive fallout in the 1950���s. Pacifica was chosen as a test site by the government for its isolated position and as an uninhabited island. Little did the government know, or care to find out, that this peaceful little oasis was home to a small tribe of 150 beautiful creatures. They were part human part fish and peaceful. Then with each Nuclear blast the earth shivered ever more beneath them. Finally causing an enormous earthquake that sunk the little island and its inhabitants to the depths of the ocean. The blast ended their peaceful island existence and the radiation gave them new life by transforming into an entire new species of underwater creatures known as Reptilians. Have man half fish, all powerful and looking for revenge.


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N/A. Handmade in the USA. ABOUT ZAGONE STUDIOS: Manufacturer of Some of The Best Fitting Masks in The World! All Masks Are Made by Hand in the USA. We Don’t Just Sell Latex Halloween Masks. We Sell Characters Our Customers Can Become. Over 46 Years of Innovation and Creativity Make Zagone Studios Masks & Costumes the Best in The Industry.. HIGH QUALITY: Masks and Costumes Are Designed to be Comfortably Worn for Extended Periods of Time. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand Wash Latex Masks with Diluted Mild Soap by Lightly Dabbing. Gently Dab with A Clean Wet Rag to Rinse Clean. Do Not Use Oil Based Make-up, Removers and Creams as it will shorten the life of the Latex. Non-oil Based Make-up should be fine.. Natural Latex Compound. N/A. N/A

Specification: The Reptilian

Dimensions 8 × 7 × 8 in

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